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HDD (in another way called hard drive) is used for long-term memorization and storage of various files. Most manufacturers used the design of hard drives on special plates using HDD technology. Modern technologies made it possible to make available a completely different principle of data storage — SSD drives.

They allowed to speed up the computer, reduced noise and increased the reliability of file storage. Although, of course, SSD drives have a significant disadvantage — the cost is still quite high. But it gradually decreases and SSD technology will eventually replace traditional HDD hard drives.

RAM plays an equally important role in the speed of the computer, than the processor. It looks like an oblong strap. Provides current performance and speed, since it stores data for a short time. Those. after turning off the computer, it does not remember the data — they are deleted. Short-term data storage is for example when RAM stores information that we copy in the clipboard. Or for example, information about currently running applications is stored there during operation. Computer hibernation also uses memory, etc.

CD-rom (in a different way drive) — is currently used quite rarely and is no longer as relevant as before, since the use of flash memory drives is much more convenient. However, the drive is often used to install the operating system, drivers, etc. Therefore, its presence in the computer does not hurt.

The power supply provides electricity to all elements of the motherboard and computer. Power supplies are manufactured at different voltage ratings and vary in power.

Also, any computer is equipped with cooling systems — these are fans that provide heat removal from highly heated computer elements, such as a processor, video card, and power supply. Therefore, each computer has at least 3 fans. Coolers can also be used for modern memory cards, hard drives, etc.

Even in the composition of the motherboard has a standard sound card. To provide audio output to the speakers. Its parameters do not always suit the owner, so many people buy a separate sound card to achieve the desired sound quality.

The monitor provides a visual display of work or games. Without it, working on a computer is impossible. The image is displayed on the monitor using a graphics adapter (video card). They are interconnected by two kinds of HDMI or VGA cables.

A keyboard is used to enter information; without it, full computer operation is also impossible.

Optical mouse — its appearance has greatly simplified the work on the computer, because It allows you to easily control the on-screen cursor. Up and down, left and right, she can be led anywhere, click on files, open various folders, and perform many other functions.

External printers are printers, or scanners. Also now distributed MFP — multifunction devices that combine functions, copy, printer, scanner, etc.

Frequent turn off the computer is harmful to the power supply

It should be remembered that the soldering of the power supply unit connector connected to the motherboard is not the same in all PCs.
On the rear panel of the power supply unit there is a power voltage switch.

Repair of PC power supplies
PC Users!
Before you turn on the computer for the first time, do not forget to check the position of this switch!

The AC power cable of the PC is connected to the connector on the back of the power supply unit , which, as a rule, also has a slot for connecting the display power cable.

It is better not to repair?
If during operation of the computer in the summer time the power supply unit overheats and switches off due to overload, provide additional cooling to the PC.
To avoid disturbances in the optimal air circulation inside the system unit, check for all plugs on the back of the PC.

The depreciation of the BP is determined by the time of its continuous operation.
Depending on the design, power, circuit design and efficiency of ventilation, the life of the power supply is 3-7 years.
When the power supply unit goes out of commission, the PC becomes completely inoperative.
To extend the uptime of the power supply unit and the PC itself, you need to use network filters, voltage regulators or uninterruptible power supplies.

Most power supplies for PCs are pulsed.
In comparison with linear power sources they have smaller dimensions and weight, greater efficiency and current and voltage stabilization factors.
The standard pulse PS includes a mains filter, a rectifier, powerful key transistors (MKT), a MKT control circuit operating on the basis of a pulse width (PWM) generator, a feedback circuit connected to sensors in the secondary circuits of the source, output voltage stabilizers +5 and +12 V.

Let’s say the power supply of your PC is out of order.
What to do?

Try to replace it entirely.
Select the source in the same construction, the same power (indicated on the case) and with the same pinout connectors.

Let’s start repairing the power supply!
If there is no backup power supply, proceed to repair.
Be careful — the mains voltage is applied to the power supply unit.
Before turning on the power supply removed from the PC, connect the ballast resistors to the terminals +5 and + 12 V (in order to prevent its failure).

All the faults of the power supply unit , depending on the cause of their occurrence, can be divided into two classes:

• caused by external interference in the power supply network and loads parallel to the PC;
• caused by internal loads, short circuits or natural wear and tear of the power supply unit .

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DIY computer power supply repair

Computer repair near me — is it about you? What do you prefer — do repair by yourself or by the service center? If you like DIY, than read tis…

What is the probability of failure of the PC power supply unit when the PC is turned on and off frequently?

PC power supplies most often come out of standing when the PC is turned on due to resonant phenomena that cause an overload of the output and input circuits of the power supply.
Therefore, the frequent on and off of the PC adversely affects its reliability in operation.

The reliability of the computer is also affected by interference in power circuits.
For normal operation of the PC, it is necessary that the supply voltage is stable enough, and the level of interference in the network should not exceed a certain value.
When choosing the place and method of connecting the PC to the mains, the following requirements must be taken into account:

• If possible, connect the PC to separate power lines with its protective circuit breakers.
• Check the resistance of the ground bus (it must be Ohm’s share).
• Ensure that there is no interference, no surge, and no power failure.
• The level of interference in the electrical network increases with increasing internal resistance of the power line.
Do not use extension cords unless absolutely necessary.
• Do not connect a PC and other household appliances (refrigerator, TV, microwave oven, vacuum cleaner, air conditioner, etc.) to one outlet.

The power supply unit (PSU) is usually designed for operation in an alternating current network 115-127 V and 220-240 V and has a power of 150-400 W.
It is located inside the system unit to the right of the motherboard in a large metal casing and is connected to it using a multicore cable.

To supply +5 and +12 V power to the HDD and the floppy disk, it provides a set of four-wire cables.

It should be remembered that the soldering of the PSU connector connected to the motherboard is not the same in all PCs.
On the rear panel of the power supply unit there is a power voltage switch.


Why do computers break down? The most common reasons! Part 2

Why do computers break down?

Constant voltage drops

A network filter for a computer If you experience frequent voltage drops in your home, this can greatly shorten the life of your equipment. Especially it concerns computers in which a cheap power supply unit is installed. Typically, power supplies are protected from voltage surges, but this is most often related to quality products. It’s no secret that expensive equipment will not be installed in cheap equipment, and the power supply is not an exception.

(How to fix your power supply or repair it in Cincinnati, you can find on our website).

Regardless of the power supply, I recommend that you have a good mains filter (as you see in the picture above), in order to exclude the breakdown of the components from power surges. Ideally, you need to buy an uninterrupted unit — a thing that will protect you not only from voltage drops, but will also allow about half an hour to work the computer when the power is cut off.


Why do computers break down

During a thunderstorm it is dangerous to work not only with a computer, but also with any other equipment. The computer can either completely fail, or break in part. Of course, computers break down because of a thunderstorm extremely rarely, but still each time it is recommended to turn off the computer and the Internet at this time.

«Curved hands» of the collector

Replacing old components is a common thing when updating a computer. If you decide to change your old graphics card, it’s important to do it right: by inserting it into the desired slot and not damaging it. Of course, for pros it’s just a matter of spitting, but if you get a «master» with «crooked hands,» who has either time to spare or knowledge, then it can do a good job of harm.

As statistics are shown, breakages from the «curve hands» of the assembler are quite often met!

Wearing technique

A lot of new hardware comes out monthly, and the one that costs on our computers slowly becomes obsolete and what’s most sad is wear. Components begin to buggy and work slower, and eventually fail. With this it remains only to put up with it because you can not do anything (repair? But it’s worth it?).

Mechanical impact

Mechanical impact on the computer It is worth mentioning here about bumps, falls and other impacts. Some inaccurate users are guilty of this. Seldom stationary computers fall, but laptops «fly» more often! But this can lead to disconnection of the cables, splitting of the screen, failure of the components and so on!

Какие наиболее частые причины выхода из строя аккумулятора в ноутбуке

Какие наиболее частые причины выхода из строя аккумулятора в ноутбуке?

Обычно покупатели обращают внимание на емкость батареи при покупке ноутбука, ведь это одно из главных его преимуществ перед компьютером – возможность автономной работы без подключения к сети питания. И длительность этой работы напрямую зависит от емкости аккумулятора и его состояния. Обычно, при правильной эксплуатации, батареи ноутбука хватает на 4-5 лет. Этого времени хватает для комфортной работы в удобном для вас месте.

Постепенно емкость батареи ноутбука снижается, и в один прекрасный момент вы понимаете, что ноутбук больше не может выдерживать длительное время работы без электропитания. В лучшем случае, батареи хватает на полчаса. В более запущенных случаях, он вообще не может работать без электропитания.

Какая в этом случае может быть проблема?
Ответ здесь не придется искать глубоко, на 90% причина будет в изношенной батарее. Может быть вы могли наблюдать оповещения об этом в операционной системе ноутбука. А при изношенной батарее вы не сможете работать на ноутбуке без подключения его к сети питания. По этой же причине, он становится более чувствительным к перебоям и скачкам напряжения во внешней сети. Это может вызвать аварийное отключение ноутбука, и что еще хуже – даже привести к поломке винчестера.

(Поэтому всегда делайте резервные копии данных).
Также старайтесь делать своевременный контроль того, насколько ваш аккумулятор в ноутбуке износился. Обратите внимание, что если батарея уже изношена более, чем на 70%, то это уже критический уровень, при котором она подлежит замене.

Как контролировать износ батареи? Обычно юзеры в подавляющем большинстве используют программу Batterybar. И обычно они довольны и уверены, что все контролируют. Однако, часто пользователи бывают сильно удивлены тем, что программа часто работает некорректно. Она может как завышать, так и занижать показания износа. К тому же, если батарея изношена мало, а ноутбук все равно не работает долго в автономном режиме, то проблема, скорее всего, кроется в материнской плате.

Как же быть? Лучше всего сделать диагностику батареи ноутбука в нашей мастерской. С помощью специального оборудования наши специалисты с большой точностью определят степень ее износа и дадут вам необходимые рекомендации.

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Why do computers break down? The most common reasons! Part 1

Why do computers break down?

You need to monitor your computer and the most important thing is to follow certain rules. If you are on this page, then chances are that you want to know the most common reasons why computers break down! And I would not be surprised if each of you would like to know how to protect your PC from sudden breakdown!

For impatient readers, I will immediately disclose a list of the main reasons why a computer can fail:

overheating of components;
constant voltage drops;
«crooked hands» of the collector;
wear of machinery;
mechanical action.

In the author’s opinion, these 6 reasons most often lead the computer (or some of its details) to breakdown. Below we will analyze them in more detail. Go!

Overheating of components

Overheating of components on the computer If the cooling system in the system unit is not correctly formed, this can lead to overheating of the components. Naturally, from overheating, the parts wear out more quickly, leading to breakage. Most often, there are a couple of fans in the computer case and everything is cooling down well. But it is worth remembering that all important components (video card, processor, power supply) also have their own fans. Periodically you need to pay attention to them. So, in order:

CPU. Here it is most important to know and remember that the fan is on the radiator, and the radiator on the processor. Between the last smeared thermal paste (- paste that transfers heat from the processor to the radiator, and it is cooled by a fan). I hope I did not confuse you :))) If that re-read again.

So, the thermal paste dries about a year and needs to be changed so that the processor does not overheat. You can find instructions on the Internet for replacing thermal paste, but it’s better if your friends or relatives help you once and in the future you will know how it is done.

Video card and power supply. These components are also installed on the fan. They are constantly working and our task is not to let them break. The fan or as it is called cooler works for several years, after which its replacement is needed, since its main cooling function is getting worse and worse.

In order to understand how well the components cool, you need to install a program. One of these is called AIDA64 (formerly EVEREST).

Due to overheating of components, the computer can hang, reboot, shut out to give out the so-called blue screen of death. Do not overheat. Watch for the stable operation of your PC.

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Laptop or computer! What is better to choose?

Today I would like to express my opinion, which concerns computers and laptops. Or rather, I will try to explain what is better a computer or a laptop and in what situations, what is better to buy. There will not be detailed explanations, because hardly anyone wants to read the article for ten pages. I briefly describe for what purposes it is better to buy a computer, and for which — a laptop.

What to buy for home laptop or computer?

If you want to buy yourself a «car» for home, then I highly recommend a desktop computer. Here there is no difference how old you are and what you are doing, just for home, the PC is perfect for at least a few reasons:

The computer is cheaper than a laptop

With the same characteristics, a computer is always a little cheaper. In addition, all components in the notebook are always in the mini version, and accordingly they do not work as cool as in the PC.

The computer is easier to update

The details for the computer are constantly updated and maybe in a couple of years, you will want to buy yourself a new video card. The location on the hard drive will end and you will buy a new one. The fan will not cool the processor badly, and you will simply change it and so on. Of course, it’s not necessary to update all this, but I’m clamoring to update the details in the desktop computer, or as it’s fashionable to call APGREADE, if desired, it is much easier.

If you do not plan permanent trips, and also do not intend to carry the device to work, it is undoubtedly better to buy a computer!

What to buy a school laptop or a computer?

If your student is not particularly interested in modern toys, he is more important knowledge, and at the same time it is desirable to carry the computer to school, for educational purposes, then of course he will be more suitable laptop or even netbook.

For children who are important games, of course it’s better to take a desktop computer. As I said, in the same price category the computer will always be a little more powerful, and the upgrade of the components is easier.

Modern laptops certainly support new games, but that’s not at all what we can get when playing on the computer. Therefore, my choice at the computer!

What to buy a pensioner laptop or computer?

Here, of course, you can look towards laptops. For people of age, and today they are actively starting to learn computers, the average notebook is ideal. It will not slow down, and you do not need to overpay extra money for a discrete graphics card, and a powerful 4-core processor.

A woman or a man of retirement age is ideally suited to a laptop! The main thing is not to take too little, in this case I mean the size of the display. It’s better to take a 17-inch model. With a laptop it’s easy to move around the apartment, go to the cottage or to relatives.

What to buy a fan of social networks and films?

The laptop is very convenient and functional today. If you like to sit on VKontakte, in Odnoklassniki, watch movies and videos on Youtube, talk on Skype and so on, then I’m sure that the laptop will be enough for you.

What to buy a gaming computer laptop or computer?

The answer is obvious! If you love Tanks, DotA, CS, GTA, Crysis, Far Cry and other modern games, then of course buy yourself a computer. And that’s it! Well, if you have a lot of money, then in addition buy yourself a powerful gaming laptop in order not to «throw» games during trips to the sea, a summer residence, camps, business trips and so on.

What to buy a traveler laptop or computer?

Buy a Notebook!